What is it, and why should you use it?

Supermetrics is my favourite tool of all time. I use it for so many different tasks and situations, and here I’ll try to explain why it’s worth every penny.

Automate & optimize you processes

Personally I use Supermetrics every single day. It helps me by providing an overview of how my clients campaigns are performing, if I’m spending more or less that the budget for the month etc. I extract the data of all my clients, style it in Google sheets so that it’s possible for me to scan one single table, and see all the data I need in order to react on good or bad developments. 

If my spend increases or decreases drastically – my ROAS is dropping or escalating on a daily, weekly or monthly basis etc. I make certain on a daily basis that I’m not behind on the KPI’s, and I’m able to react instantly if I see something needs to be investigated.

What might be even more important is the specific work processes I’m able to “speed up” by importing/fetching the data to Google Sheets and use my calculations and data mining options. Then I have a perfect output that I can copy-paste directly into the Google Ads editor – and then I’ve done my bid management in a matter of minutes. And all of this importing/fetching, calculating etc. is fully automated!

Reporting for clients

Of course I use Supermetrics for my reporting as well. After having created a perfect template I can use this across all clients in all markets, and style this 100% unique to match the preference of my client. Having full transparency and the ability to customize data is amazing.

Supermetrics pricing

Of course, as great a tool as Supermetrics is doesn’t come for free. And that’s not entirely true – you do have a free test option. But this type of user has very limited options, and doesn’t really paint the full picture in my opinion. 

Therefore, the cheapest option (at this time) is the “Pro user” for Google sheets is $69/month. For Google Data Studio the price starts from $39/month. 

Promo codes – do they really exist?

They do, but they are not public. Supermetrics is not know for having sales, being on AppSumo, having discounts, coupons or similar. But if you use the contact form below to contact me, I’ll do my best to provide you with the best Supermetrics promo code available. 

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